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Welcome to Body Centered Psychotherapy in Asheville 


Are you someone who is conscientious, actively engaged in life and are ready to have more vitality, more happiness and a greater sense of freedom?  Are you ready to engage in change, so that life become more joyful instead of a burden?

Engaging in therapy can put us on a path of empowerment and improve our sense of well being.  Whether your looking for some extra support with a challenging life situation or ready to gain new awareness and experience more of your potential, wholistic counseling can provide tools that will help you to achieve your goals.

Over time, each Sensorimotor Psychotherapy session slowly unravels the deeply ingrained, unconscious patterns that keep us from experiencing our innate peace and joy. Body centered therapy helps clients to better understand themselves and discover ‘missing experiences’ of their wholeness so that they can live more fully and experience more mastery in their lives.

Marie Davis provides the safe and supportive environment where the restoring of wholeness and healing occurs.  Change can feel daunting and working to unravel the knots that we have woven around ourselves takes willingness, patience, and honesty .  Marie uses a wholisitic, eclectic approach, specializing in body-centered methods and includes cognitive-behavioral therapy and expressive arts therapy, to unearth long standing emotional, cognitive, and behavioral patterns.

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Marie Davis helps young adults and adults who have:

  • anxiety/depression
  • self-esteem/identity issues
  • going through life transitions
  • difficulties in intimate relationships
  • conflict in family situations/relationships
  • instability or lack of support in childhood
  • a history of substance abuse (already in recovery and want more than just staying clean)

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verified by Psychology Today