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Personal Stories

Here are a few personal testimonials from people who have worked with Marie Davis doing Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Becoming Balanced and Whole Again

b-m-s circlesRead this amazing personal story of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker becoming balanced and whole again through Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist working for many years with traumatized clients, I feel that I know the vast benefits of therapy.  Working with Marie Davis in my own therapy, however, has been and continues to be a life changing process more than I could have ever imagined. Marie utilizes Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a therapeutic model to really dig deep and address both attachment issues, or issues from our childhood, as well as trauma we have experienced such as an abusive relationship, difficult marriage, accident or even something as horrific as rape. She has helped me to peel back the layers so to speak of my own trauma to address my struggles on a cognitive, emotional and sensory level so I can once again become balanced and whole. Therapy with Marie has brought “new meaning” to “old hurts” so I can move past irritability, depression, anger and even physical pain in my body towards a once again happy and healthy Kelly. If you yearn for things to be different in your life, relationships to be whole again, thoughts to be clear with intention and to move past a history of trauma, Marie Davis can help you reach that place.

-Kelly R., Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Learning to Connect

Do you struggle to connect with others or yourself?  Through Sensorimotor Psychotherapy you can begin a  process of learning to connect to others and yourself authentically and deeply.

I enter frozen and detached, thinking that I’m fine just the way I am.  Becoming aware of my defenses, I allow Marie to hands reachingguide me through a process that is body and feeling centered.  The session is a journey.  Afterward, I notice changes.  My vision is sharper and I feel more in my body.  There is a growing feeling of confidence combined with happiness as i relax my guard and begin to trust.  I’m looking forward to working with Marie in the future.  She creates a safe container for me to explore my way of connecting/resisting the world.  She offers warmth and understanding, patience and knowledge, qualities that i respect and need.           –CLR, massage therapist

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