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Dreams and Mandala Making

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Tap Into the Power of Your Dreams

“Listening to Dreams Through Mandala Making”

With Tayria Ward, PhD. & Marie O. Davis, LPC

Six week Series: March 3- April 7, Tuesdays 6-8pm

Location: The Healing House, 33 Orange St, Asheville, NC

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 Price $295 for six week series

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Six week series

Listening to dreams and creating mandalas together brings to the surface spiritual and psychological material that is working us unconsciously – we often get that “Ah-ha! now I see it” experience! It allows us to recognize what is going on through symbols and images as they present themselves. These images are neither mind nor matter – they are living things that emerge from an intermediate realm between mind and matter – what Carl Jung called the “psychoid” realm. All healing and transformation begin in this in-between dimension. When our images are worked with together, significant revelations often occur, capable of powerfully shifting our mental and physical conditions.

Tayria works the dreams of participants, using skills she has gained from 40 years of learning the dream language. Marie teaches the technique for making an alchemical mandala. It allows you to see more deeply into the nature of issues you are dealing with, and thus to alchemically transform them.  Using our dream imagery, we help the soul to work on the raw material of unconsciousness; we literally grow and evolve as we do this work together. Each step of the journey is a remodeling for our soul and brings us closer to our most intimate truths.

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In their collaborative work together, Tayria and Marie offer participants an opportunity to enter into the process of dialoguing with the unconscious, using its own language, that of symbols and images.  During each session, Tayria will work dreams. By asking a series of questions and discovering associations, she helps the dreamer to understand the important messages offered to them in their dreams of the night. The information discovered is most often equally helpful to every other member in the group. Using the images and stories gathered, we then move into creating mandalas. These further the integration of insights as well as continue the revelations that come from the dreaming. The process is exhilarating, fascinating, healing and transforming.

Tayria Ward, Ph.D. is a dream analyst in private practice. She sees clients in her office in the Flatiron Building in downtown Asheville, and also provides phone sessions for dreamers all over the country.  Visit: for more information.

Marie O. Davis, MA, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a graduate degree in Expressive Arts Therapy and has a private practice on Orange St, in Asheville.  She has studied and practiced Rosicrucian soul alchemy for the past15 years through various trainings and self-study.  

For more information call Marie @ 828/273-5647 or Tayria @ 828/329-0853


Start your own dream group with friends. Contact Tayria to discuss.

Playwright Henry Miller had this to say about working with his dreams:

The realization that there was a pattern to my life, one which made sense, came about in a curious way. Shortly after moving into the Villa Seurat I had begun to record my dreams. And not only the dreams but the associations which the act of transcribing them induced. Doing this over a period of months, I suddenly began to see, “To suddenly see,” as Saroyan says somewhere. A pregnant phrase—to anyone who has had the experience. An expression which has only one meaning: to see with new eyes.

Learn to see with new eyes, hear with the heart and open the mind by working with your dreams, hearing the dreams of others and learning about the realm of the dreamtime. It can be for you as it was for Henry Miller, the patterns of your life and of life itself become magnificently unveiled through dreamwork.

Call Tayria: 828-329-0853

From Dreamways of the Iroquois by Robert Moss:

“Long before the first Europeans set foot on American soil, the Iroquois taught their children that dreams are the single most important source of both practical and spiritual guidance. The first business of the day in an Iroquois village was dream sharing, because it was assumed that dreams were messages from the spirits and the deeper self, and that they might contain guidance for the community as well as the individual.”

“The early Iroquois regarded someone who was not in touch with their dreams as the victim of serious soul-loss.”

“Today, it is popular on the Iroquois reservation for people to supplement their dreams with readings of tarot cards, tea leaves, or shreds of native tobacco bobbing in a simmering saucepan.”

From Listening to the Oracleby Dianne Skafte, Ph.D.:

“Oracles speak from a mysterious source beyond the personal self. We always experience these communications as coming in from elsewhere. One may imagine that oracles issue from a domain of the human psyche, or perhaps they exist independently from us, but their nature will always remain a mystery.”