Marie O. Davis, MA, LPC, CSP | Wholistic Counseling

Learning to Connect

Do you struggle to connect with others or yourself?  Through Sensorimotor Psychotherapy you can begin a  process of learning to connect to others and yourself authentically and deeply.

I enter frozen and detached, thinking that I’m fine just the way I am.  Becoming aware of my defenses, I allow Marie to hands reachingguide me through a process that is body and feeling centered.  The session is a journey.  Afterward, I notice changes.  My vision is sharper and I feel more in my body.  There is a growing feeling of confidence combined with happiness as i relax my guard and begin to trust.  I’m looking forward to working with Marie in the future.  She creates a safe container for me to explore my way of connecting/resisting the world.  She offers warmth and understanding, patience and knowledge, qualities that i respect and need.           –CLR, massage therapist

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