Marie O. Davis, MA, LPC, CSP | Wholistic Counseling



Body, Soul and Spirit are not separate realms of experience but an ebb and flow of our experience.  Body, Soul, Spirit Asheville seeks to create for its clients a safe and supportive environment where the process of healing can unfold.  Body, Soul, Spirit Asheville believes that in each person is a healing wisdom at work and the therapeutic process is one of removing obstacles so that our own healing force can begin to reunite us with our essential being.

Mission: To help individuals embody their health and wholeness – body, soul, and spirit

Vision: To be an integral part of a community of healers, bringing health, wholeness and love into the world

Purpose: To foster a world where connection is safe, honest, and loving and people stand in their individuality, creating wholeness in the world

Marie, through Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, and Group Therapy works with the guiding
principles of:

Organicity: the recognition of the capacity of all living beings to grow, change, and heal; accessing the wisdom that lives in the body; helping clients to find their own answers from their deep wisdom source

Non-violence: working in a way and in a timeframe that honors the client’s readiness for change and collaborates with the client to raise self-awareness

Unity: the knowing that all of life is interconnected; therefore the therapeutic process is transparent and the therapist shares their thinking with the client so that they can make choices about treatment together.

Body/Mind/Spirit Holism: working to create balance between these modes of existence can increase self-acceptance, self-mastery, and embrace all of our qualities in the different modes.

The three therapeutic modalities that provide the backbone of the Body, Soul, Spirit are Sensorimotor PsychotherapyExpressive Arts Therapy, and Group Therapy.  Other approaches that are woven into the therapeutic process are cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, humanistic/client-centered perspectives, depth psychology, anthroposophy, and solution focused therapy.